Welcome to Monkton Stargazers

Monkton Stargazers is an informal group of astronomy and science enthusiasts based around The Thanet Observatory, located in Monkton Nature Reserve, near Ramsgate, Kent.

This is our public outreach site. We also operate a members-only community site (see Join Us on the menu bar).

We hold regular viewing sessions at the observatory, where we have a 12 inch Newtonian reflector. In addition, and because the UK weather is unpredictable, we also hold 'impromptu' sessions when the weather allows and we can muster enough volunteers. Monkton Stargazers is fairly unusual in this respect - most other clubs hold only scheduled sessions which they often have to cancel because of the weather.

We cater for astronomers of all ages, experience levels and interests. You'll be welcome at our events no matter what. We try to make things enjoyable for everyone.